Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House colors: Decisions, decisions

Remember when I told you about the contractor who came to our door offering to work with us to get new siding , but turned out to be from a company in trouble with the BBB? Well, while we didn’t go with their company, we did decide to pursue the opportunity further.

We had a different (read: legitimate) company come out and take a look, and then got in touch with our insurance who sent out an adjuster to take a look, too. We’re still in the process (one our contractor says can be lengthy and frustrating at times), but we’re hopeful that all will work out. Our current siding is very old, so they cut off a chunk of it for testing to verify that it isnt made anymore (in which case, we'd have to re-side the whole house, not just 1 wall - that's a good thing!). They patched it up with duct tape and it’s quite the sight for sore eyes, so we better get new siding!
So lately you can often find me pulled over to the side of the road, iPhone in hand, snapping pictures of strangers’ houses for inspiration. It started on a walk with some friends last weekend, and ever since houses just catch my eye and I feel the urge to stop the car and take a picture. Creepy much?

But honestly, I just love looking at some of these colors. Originally we thought we were set on a dark grey, but now I’m a bit overwhelmed with all of the options. Granted, what looks best on one house may not look best on ours, but it’s still fun to dream.

Take a look (some are the photos I’ve taken and others I pulled from the Internet).

{Really like this dark grey. We don't have shutters (nor does our house look like this) so there'd be no black accents}

{A good tan option. Looks especially nice with the crisp white trim and wood dor}
{A poor product of a cloudy morning and the zoom feature on my iPhone. It's actually a soft green that looks quite nice}

{Via. I am liking the use of shakes here, something our contractor has us considering for our own house}

{Via. And now I'm in love - the perfect combination of the greys we like AND the use of shakes to add dimension}
{Via. Again with the shakes, and a nice green, too. Decisions!}
{Via.  Love this other take on a tan/white. And the window boxes - I keep telling Sean we need these!}
So there you have it. We're not really going toward blues, yellows, or reds, as you can tell. I even tried out Sherwin Williams' color visualizer but it wasn't working right for the exterior of our house (side note: if you're thinking of painting a room or two, check it out, it's so fun to see what it might look like in different colors).

So what do you think? Which colors do you like best? And what do you think - shakes or no shakes? (They're the shingle-like things often used at the top of houses; i had no clue until our contractor taught me a few things!)


  1. We too are looking at siding our house after some storm damage. The garage project has turned into a major overhaul of the entire exteroir! All new windows.. which will be different sizes than the current ones as well as a new roof and siding to go with the new attached garage and drive. I am very overwhelmed too. I love the last pic of the tan house. We are leaning towards tan or gray as well. We like the dark brick red but since we plan on living with the color forever we figure that we better stick with a color that will go with anything else we want to decorate with. I love the shakes too. I am starting to get used to seeing them with the white trim as a seperation between them and the regular siding.
    Good luck with your choices.

  2. It’s a good thing you didn’t jump into the renovation of the siding of your home right away, considering what the first contractor turned out to be. I don’t think it’s unusual to be using other people’s homes as inspiration for the siding that you want because research will definitely help you make better decisions. Anyway, what color did you end up choosing?

  3. Basically, colors set a certain mood and environment. Choosing the color you want is more about feelings - the emotions behind the owner of the home. But your list is very impressive. These homes have the right combination of colors to be easy on the eyes. :)


  4. So what color did you guys prefer in the end? I hope it was those green shaded sidings. It doesn’t really matter what the type is, as long as it has a touch of green. I think it's nice and very comfy to the eyes simply because green is the color of nature.

    Rolf Matchen