Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy for Friday

It must have been a busy week because suddenly it’s Friday and I don’t know how we got here. I guess I can’t complain – the weekend has arrived!

Earlier this week we were teased with 60-degree temps before the wind picked up and brought with it some more seasonable cold air. of the best parts of spring in Minnesota is the drastic difference even one day can make. This morning the wind chill was 4 degrees. Tomorrow, temps are supposed to be above 60!

A friend and I have a theory that while living in a cold-weather state has its downside, it also has its perks. Come springtime, there’s a sense of joy unlike any other when the puddles start forming and winter jackets get put away and the birds are chirping outside cracked windows.

So even though it was only for a day, the weather lifted my spirits this week. And the 10-day forecast seems to be having the same effect. Coupled with a few other happy things—my bridesmaid dresses arrived, I finally got an iPhone, and I had a much-needed happy hour with some girls from work—the week shaped up to be quite a nice one.

Here’s to hoping the streak continues into the weekend.


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  1. Enjoy your happy hour, my Minnesota friend! And I definitely have the same thoughts on that one nice day this week. It was just what I needed. And I am definitely ready for more warmth. :)