Thursday, March 1, 2012

My new favorite workout

I think Wednesday just may be my new favorite day at the gym.

Last Wednesday I arrived for my morning workout a few minutes later than usual. I felt a sudden rush of confidence when I looked at the clock and realized the kickboxing class I’d been wanting to try started in 5 minutes.  I decided to take advantage of this uncommon moment and just go with it. 

I chose a spot off to the side and gave it my very best effort. I was a MESS by the end. My heart was racing, adrenaline was pumping, and sweat was flowing (gross, I know!). It was a sweaty, smelly, blissfully beatiful thing! 

I actually looked forward to going back this week. It was a different teacher this time—the regular one—because last week’s had been a substitute. The class was full of a lot of different moves but the same intensity. It kicked my butt, no pun intended.

I was pretty sure the teacher spotted me as the new girl in town because I swear he was looking right at my reflection in the mirror every time he shouted “punch harder!” or “keep moving!”

And for the record, when the teacher says we’ll take a break in a “minute,” he really means the end of the class. But that’s ok, because thankfully my fear of him being a drill sergeant who shames anyone who breaks for a gulp of water was way off base. I took my share of quick breathers throughout the 60 minutes, but for the most part I powered through.

I’ve got lots of room for improvement, though. I’ve got bad hips (seriously, I’m too young for that!) so a lot of my leg movements looks a little more like flailing and a lot less like an actual kick. Ironically, I think getting my kicks down will actually help strengthen my hips, too. And heaven knows I could stand to work on my upper cut and hook. If I at least know the names that counts for something, right?

Anyway, I left feeling proud to have stepped outside my comfort zone again, and excited to have found the butt-kicking workout I’ve been looking for.

You’d think after a kickboxing class your arms and legs would be sore, but surprisingly it’s my back that’s giving me the most grief. From my shoulder blades down to my tramp stamp (yep, I’ve got one of those) my muscles just radiate pain. But it’s the most gratifying pain of all—the kind that comes from a little courage and a lot of hard work.

What’s your favorite butt-kicking workout? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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