Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random letters

Dear mystery person who left a Cadbury Caramel Egg on my chair at work: After feeling a bit like this lately, your gift was the perfect escape (hello emotional eater). If this was a trap and the egg was in fact poisoned, your timing is impeccable (I kid, I kid).

Dear God: I’ve heard you won’t bring us to it if you can’t bring us through it. I've been reminding myself that a lot lately. Putting my faith and trust in you.

Dear spring: Welcome back! You’re looking mighty hot so early in the year, but I’m digging it. Keep your friend winter away for good now, won’t you?

Dear sparkling water: Thank you for being there for me when I start craving soda. I promise I'm sticking with you!

Dear June 23: Hurry up. Please and thank you.

Dear iCloud: Thanks for making me sign up for you yesterday. You saved my butt this morning.

Dear iPhone: Don’t ever pull that shit again. You can thank iCloud too for saving your ass. (p.s. I love you)

Dear life: Treat others how you want to be treated, mmm-kay? Counting on you for positive things in our future, please.

Dear Daylight Saving Time: You didn’t affect me at all this time around, except to bring a little extra sunshine to my days. We can still be friends.

Dear girl in front of me at kickboxing class: Don’t take this the wrong way, but your booty shorts inspired me to push a little harder today. Thank you!

Dear anyone brave enough to read this: Thanks for putting up with my randomness today. It’s all I got!


  1. I love the randomness. Daylight savings hasn't seemed to affect me either. Actually, I have been waking up and being rested and not tired even though my body may think its an hour earlier than what it is! I do love an extra hour tho!

    I should try the sparkling water thing. Thoughts or tips?

    1. I was in the most random mood yesterday :)

      Sparkling water is my FAVORITE! I gave up soda 3 years ago, mostly because it gave me bad heartburn but also because I knew it wasn't great for me. It hasn't been too bad, but some days I just crave something more flavorful - or bubbly! And sparkling water is the perfect fix for it. It's more "exciting" than flat water but still (most brands anway) calorie and sodium free. They have some flavors too, but I usually stick to the plan stuff. Definitely give it a try!