Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Call me crazy - Part 1?

Go ahead, call me crazy. Sometimes I am...
{{When I'm driving somewhere and not entirely sure where I'm going, the first thing I do when I try to figure it out is turn down the radio. For what reason? I have no idea!

{{I’m hesitant to tell people my age when it comes up (particularly in the workplace). But contrary to what you may think, 99% of the time it’s because I’m worried about seeming too young. It must be a bit of that “old soul” thing in me, but I’d rather they think of me as a mature, capable peer – not the office baby (disclaimer: it’s probably more in my head than what they would actually think).

{{I hate public restrooms. Doesn’t anyone think it’s odd to share such personal, ahem, activities, next to someone you barely (or don’t) know? Taking a pee next to my best friend while chatting through the stall wall? Totally OK with it. Listening to the bodily functions of someone I’m going to be sitting in a meeting with later? Awkward, if you ask me.

{{I frequently catch myself avoiding cracks in sidewalks or tiles to avoid “breaking my mother’s back.” Welcome back to 1st grade!

{{I absolutely disapprove of judging “a book by its cover” when it comes to people…but I’m still 100% guilty of it. Take, for example, the grocery store. I choose a checkout line based on whether the cashier looks friendly (but not too chatty) and non-judgmental (God forbid they see my lean cuisines and think, “hah, you need more help than that, girlfriend.”) How anyone can look either of these things, I don’t know. Why I do it in the first place? An even greater mystery.

….Oh and this is only scratching the surface. Perhaps this will become a series. Lord knows I’ve got plenty more crazy quirky qualities.
But we’ve all got something unique to us – good and bad. I can’t be the only one, right?

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