Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disconnected - and it felt so good!

Sean and I have a pretty predictable evening routine.  After dinner, we retreat to the couch and watch a few shows before heading to bed rather early. My computer is never far away, and I’m often found checking up on emails and social networks, for no other reason than boredom, really.

But last night was different. And I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After work I took in a few innings of my sister’s softball game before heading home. When I did get home, Sean took me on a tour of the latest progress the contractors are making on the siding, and then together we started dinner. Sean’s mom stopped by to see how the house was coming along. Dinner was ready just a short time later, and when we were finished we went straight to work on assembling wedding invitations. We stamped envelopes, glued belly bands, and started forming a pretty big pile of almost-ready invites.
Pretty soon it was past our usual bedtime. As I climbed into bed I realized I hadn’t even turn my computer on tonight. I didn’t check my phone for new emails or browse the latest Facebook feed. And I never had a minute to want to do it either.

Sometimes I take for granted how easy it is to get sucked into technology. I spend the majority of my day on a computer, and come home and do the same thing while parked in front of the TV. I’ve become accustomed to religiously checking my phone, to always being connected.

And last night I realized how nice it is to be disconnected sometimes, too. For a couple hours I was living in the moment, not distracted by mindless and unnecessary entertainment on the Internet or TV. Don’t get me wrong—that mindless entertainment is great sometimes, too. But it only made me realize how much I need the balance in my life.

Take the dog for a walk, and leave my phone at home. Leave the computer off in the evenings, because work can wait until tomorrow. Make a phone call to catch up with an old friend, instead of relying on Facebook or email to fill the void.

A change of pace—and probably not one that will instantly become a constant in our lives—but it’s a start. Refreshing.

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