Monday, April 2, 2012

Mixed bag Monday

Mondays are slightly less depressing—and I do only mean slightly—when you have a shorter week ahead. We’re taking a quick trip for the Easter holiday this weekend and that means no work on Friday. Woohoo!
{Gorgeous sky this morning}
This past weekend was quite nice. Despite the weather being much less enjoyable on Saturday than forecasted, I managed to sneak in a walk with friends, some shopping, and a fun party in honor of our friends’ engagement. We spent a good portion of our Sunday wandering around Menards, dreaming up projects we could do around the house and gathering materials for spring cleanup. Two years after moving in, we finally puppy-proofed the yard. Oliver enjoys his newfound freedom, though he’s still under supervision until we’re sure there are no more holes he can squeeze his 7-pound frame through.
{Little rascal}

The bad news is that I’ve finally been struck with a full blown cold, the one I managed to avoid all winter long but get hit with as soon as spring arrived. Thank you, universe, for the kick in the shins.

This morning, just a few minutes into my commute, it became quite clear that the handful of tissues I pocketed weren’t going to last me long enough. By the time I got to the office, I was seriously flirting with the idea of using my sleeve—and hanging my head in shame for being that girl who couldn’t stop sniffling.

Thankfully a new convenience store just opened in our building. I made a beeline for the Kleenex. When I was all done I boarded the crowded elevator, a full size box of tissues under my arm and a handful of lozenges and remedies to get me through the day. I politely held my breath and pretended not to be embarrassed that I looked like I should be headed for my bed instead of the office.

So in the meantime I’m powering through the fog and hoping to make it at least through lunch time. While I’m doing no one any favors by bringing my germs here, I am washing my hands religiously and trying to avoid as much contact as possible. You’re welcome, kind of.

So my Monday is a bit of a mixed bag, but I’ll take it. You win some, you lose some.

How was your weekend? Are you, like me, already looking ahead to Friday?

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