Friday, April 13, 2012

My favorite Friday nights

I used to complain when Sean wanted to stay in on Friday nights.  

“We sat at home all week long, let’s do something fun,” I’d insist.

But lately, I’ve discovered that quiet Friday nights at home are among my very favorite nights of all.

They almost always follow the same predictable pattern. We watch the nightly news and then head out to grab some quick dinner. Tonight it was at one of our favorite local Chinese restaurants, where we happened to run into and catch up with a couple friends.

We make our way home from dinner, sometimes stopping to pick up a Redbox or a sweet treat. With a few sporting events on TV, and quality programming like Shark Tank, we decided to skip the Redbox tonight. But we did indulge in some ice cream from the local Queen of Dairy.
Knowing we’re officially in for the night, I immediately change into comfy clothes and wash my face—one less step at bedtime! We take our respective spots on the couch and settle in.

I almost always have the computer in my lap, checking up on very important things like Facebook and Pinterest. Tonight I have my trusty wedding binder by my side, pouring over page after page and attempting to check things off the to-do list.  
Before you know it, Sean quietly slides down the couch and insists he just wants to rest his head. Minutes later his heavy eyelids have won the battle and the remote is teetering on the edge of his hand. I rescue it, of course, and get to catch up on my “girly” DVR shows while he and dog doze away.
Eventually we make our way to bed. No alarms are set. No clothes laid out for the next morning. We just crawl into bed, rest our heads on our pillows, and fall asleep without a single plan for the next 12 hours.

If you ask me, Friday nights don't get much better than this.

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