Monday, April 23, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

As per usual, Monday morning came around much too soon. I wanted to cry a little when it came time to get out of bed this morning.

We had a lovely and quite productive weekend. The fact that all 3 of us (Sean, me, and the dog) slept like rocks until the alarm sounded this morning is a true testament to just how worn out we must have been. What a great feeling!

Here are some scenes from our weekend, all captured by phone, of course.
 1. The old siding is officially removed from our house! 2. My friend Kyle and I playing card games after our first softball game of the season. 3. Our team's biggest fan! 4. Fading fast while relaxing with friends after softball. 5. Blossoms - my favorite part of spring! 6. Sisters! Shopping on a rainy Saturday. 7. Snuggling with the pup after his much-needed bath. 8. Giant chairs at Menards that make you look like a kid all over again. 9. Sean's day-long project - organizing tools he inherited from his dad. Wish I had his patience!

Looking forward to next weekend already, especially with TWO bridal showers on the calendar. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Your next weekend sounds like mine...I have a bridal shower and a wedding on the same day! Whew!