Thursday, April 26, 2012

Willpower...I have it, er...sometimes

Let me tell you a little not-so-secret secret. I love food. It’s the reason I gained a lot of weight in college, and the reason losing it was so hard. And, might I add, the reason it’s so hard to keep it off, too. (The exercise I can do; the food control is a bit more challenging.). Food is fun!

Allow me to demonstrate.

Yesterday afternoon I was perfectly content. Perhaps glancing at the clock a little too frequently in hopes that the time to go home would just hurry up, but content nonetheless. Then, two rows over but still within earshot, I heard a coworker talking about Cheez-its. Like zero to sixty I went from unphased to “MUST.HAVE.CHEEZ-ITS.” Chalk it up to the mid-afternoon drag or the post-lunch/pre-dinner munchies, but there was no denying that this girl just “had to have” some food.

But instead of heading for the vending machine or the snack shop downstairs, I decided to go for fruit. While nothing more than the innocent conversation among coworkers turned me into a mysteriously ravenous beast, I managed to stifle it with a healthier choice. A lesson in willpower, sort of. Don’t even get me started on recognizing the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger. Clearly that’s a beast of its own.

Postscript: Let it be noted that today, the day after I started writing this post, there were countless treats in the office to celebrate the completion of a big project. And yes, I indulged. I did say I only have willpower sometimes.

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