Monday, May 21, 2012


Can we talk about anticipation for a minute? And the crazy things it can do to you?

Anticipation is a constant in our lives these days. There’s the wedding, of course, but also several other things on the horizon that we’re anxiously awaiting.

And I have to say, I’m noticing the effects of growing anticipation now more than ever.

It keeps me awake at night. Distracts me at work. Makes me sometimes feeling like crying—out of both joy and fear.

Last night it kept Sean and I awake for nearly 2 hours past our usual bedtime. You could almost just feel the energy of the thoughts swirling through our heads. And just as we’d try to give into the dark silence, something else just had to be said. It was kind of nice, really, the time to just talk. But it can’t keep up or we’ll both be sporting some heavy under-eye circles in no time.  

It’s a strange thing, this anticipation, because it has the power to consume you with thoughts of things that are yet to be, things that are so much out of your control. But as much as I wish for things to hurry up and get here—if only so we can face our fears head-on with action—I know deep down that they will arrive. And in the meantime, I just need to try and let it be (perhaps the Beatles song should be my mantra).
How do you deal with anticipation? Do you obsess over it, or are you good at just letting go and knowing only time will tell?

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  1. i am the same way!! i just started a new job, and i don't think i've gotten a solid hour of sleep since... i wake myself up with my thoughts!

    i wish i knew a secret to share with you to make it better. the only thing i think does help a little is working out. it does help tire my body out and its kind of easier to "shut down" at night. i also decided last night that i am no longer going to bring my laptop to bed with me or get on my phone when i lay down for bed... it wakes me up too much!