Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cleaning house

True confession—sometimes I’m a messy person. Clutter tends to collect rapidly in our house, which seems a bit crazy considering there are only two of us.

And let me tell you, our house is not big enough to take a lot of clutter. When we were looking for houses, we knew we’d be sacrificing some space by putting the neighborhood we live in on our “must-have” list. But we were ok with that. We are ok with that. It just happens to be another one of the reminders of the need for organization in our lives.

It used to be that messiness would build slowly over the course of the week, only to be tackled—and conquered—each weekend. But somewhere in the midst of preparing for the wedding, it started to feel unbeatable. There were piles of wedding stuff everywhere, so no matter how much we cleaned and tried to organize, it felt out of our control. Then the wedding came and went and it was a whole new species of clutter—wedding gifts, thank you notes, way too much leftover candy. Not to mention the corner of the living room that has become Sean’s command central for his work gear.

So I finally decided we can’t live like that anymore. Honestly, we just feel better when we live in an orderly house. Well, who doesn’t?

I’ve got big plans for ridding ourselves of unnecessary clutter and organizing everything else. In fact, I get a little giddy just thinking about it. It’s going to take more than a weekend to get to the level I’m thinking we need, but I’m up for the challenge. A little bit each day, a ‘lotta bit each weekend. We’ll have our home back in no time!

Any fun tips for organizing your home?

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