Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Sean, I’m loving married life with you! How should we celebrate our 3-week anniversary? Ok, just kidding, I won’t be one of those girls. But I am pretty excited for a few days off together—to be lazy and pick out our bikes!
Dear first full week of work in over a month, I was a little concerned about making it through you, but thanks to the new job and crazy-busy days, you actually kind of flew by. Thank you for that—and no offense, but I’m glad you’re over!

Dear baby fever, I’ve only been married THREE weeks. Please chill out just a little, mmkay? Give a girl some time to enjoy being newlyweds!

My friend's adorable baby (born 2 weeks ago)!

Dear shopping mall, I’m itching for some new clothes—big time. But I have no business going on a shopping spree right now, so you and I might need to go on a break for a little while. Don't take it personally.
Dear nice man who helped me at the bank today, did you know I was trying to Facebook-stalk you from across the desk? Sorry, I couldn’t help it. You looked so familiar and I just had to know if I knew you somehow. Unfortunately, Facebook failed me this time. (And don’t worry, I only did this while he was on the phone getting some answers. I wasn’t rude enough to do it while he was talking to me, since Facebook stalking him in the first place was rude enough.) 
Dear blogger friends, it’s Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  


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  1. Riding a bike in a skirt looks so classy there! I can only imagine the un-classy mess it would look like if I tried it.

    And ohhhh, the baby fever. It burns!