Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me

I've seen this all over the place lately (most recently at Megan's blog), so I decided to join in!
If you really knew me…
You’d know that I can be super shy.

That I’m terrified of heights.

I get cranky when I’m hungry.

And  I tend to whine about going to bed early, but I’m almost always the first one asleep.

If you really knew me…
You’d know that I'm kind of an old soul. I'm 28 but am told I often act 40 (of course, I can still act 14, too). 

You'd know that I can't wait to be a mama (God willing). 

You’d know that I’ve never had a relationship with my dad, and that even though I like to pretend it doesn’t, sometimes it bothers me. (But I must qualify that by saying it doesn’t mean I’m not satisfied with the way I was raised or don’t appreciate the incredible mother I have—because I am and I very much do.)

If you really knew me…
You’d know that I spent the first several weeks of knowing my husband denying that I had a ridiculous crush on him, because he was 3 years younger and had a girlfriend. You’d also know that I didn’t let myself admit it until after he and said girlfriend broke up, for the record.

And you’d also probably know, and maybe tease me for it, that I went to his senior prom when I was a junior—in college!

You'd know that my list of regrets includes a short-lived tongue piercing, 2 tattoos, and stupid money mis-management in college. 

If you really knew me…
You’d know that I carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go. 

You’d know that I fight with myself daily over what I’m eating, when I’m eating, and how much I’m eating. I lost 60+ pounds 3 years ago (and have kept it off) but my weight (and self-confidence) will be a lifelong challenge.

You’d know that I love to listen to music really loud in the car and sing along. Unfortunately for you, you’d probably also know that I’m a terrible singer.
If you really knew me…
You’d know that my grandpa nicknamed me “Dinghy” when I was a toddler, and several people in my family still call me that.

You'd know that Sean and I talk to our dog like he's a person, and talk for him (to each other), too.

You’d know that, if I had endless amounts of free time, I’d probably spend it taking photos, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

And you'd know that this barely scratches the surface!

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