Monday, July 23, 2012

In my head

Lots of random things going through my head today. But hey, it’s Monday—I’m allowed to be a little scatterbrained, right?
  • Why must it be so expensive to take the dog to the vet? Oliver and I paid a visit to the vet and were there a total of 7 minutes and the visit alone was $55 (not to mention the allergy cream, too, which costs more than anything I’d ever buy for myself!). I hate to complain because I really do love our vet (and Oliver, of course), but damn this dog can be expensive!
  • Today is our 1 month anniversary! Happy anniversary husband—more wedding photos coming later this week.
  • I’m on day 3 of a killer headache and in a bit of a funk. Is it pathetic that sometimes when I don’t feel 100%, I just want to stay home and cry? I worked from home before Oliver’s appointment this morning and was very tempted to take the rest of the day as a mental health day. You know I love a good cry every once in a while!
  • This weekend was our neighborhood’s annual festival. Sean and I made sure to uphold our tradition of going just for the shaved ice. Yep, we have weird traditions. But who doesn’t love some shaved ice drowning in sugary syrup? The perfect summer treat!
  • Speaking of needing a good cry…it’s Monday again, already?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend—here’s to hoping this week goes by quickly!  

1 comment:

  1. yayyy happy one month! it goes by so quickly, right?!

    hope you get to feeling better. i tend to hang on to headaches for days on end, too... sometimes a hot shower and an early bedtime to it for me. hope you kick it soon!