Monday, July 16, 2012

Summertime and livin' is easy

The weekend rolled in on the tail of a beastly thunderstorm Friday night. We were sure it would mean softball was cancelled, but we drove to the fields in the downpour just in case. Sure enough, most of the clouds moved out just in time for us to get a couple games in. We were a wet, muddy mess by the time it was over, but we had fun all the same. Sean even tried pitching. (I’m sure he appreciated his crazy wife hollering from the bench when I realized he was seriously going to give it a go. He impressed us all, though, and did a great job!) We finished the night stuffing our (very hungry) faces with the rest of our team before heading home to crash after a long week.  
1: Love playing under the lights! 2: Oliver and I snuggled on the front porch to watch the storm before leaving for softball (who am I kidding, he was freaking out, not watching). 3: Sean's pitching debut!
Saturday morning was full of a little more laziness than I had anticipated, but I managed to squeeze in a few errands. And combined with an early rise on Sunday morning, I was able to make some small progress on getting our house back in order.

We also used the hot weather as an excuse to gather with friends around a pool. We enjoyed the refreshment of cool water (balanced, of course, by a roaring fire to keep us warm under the setting sun) and the company of friends, something that’s fallen victim to a busy summer a little too much this year.
1: My favorite babe - growing up too fast! 2: Aforementioned fire. 3: Love the pool at dusk.
And of course, I can’t forget the celebrations for 2 wonderful ladies this week. Each of them will be getting married very soon (September). It was so much fun to see the excitement in their eyes and shower them with love in preparation for their big days!

We topped the weekend off with a few of my favorite things—cruising around town running errands with Sean, a delicious family dinner, and lounging on the couch watching Big Brother.
1: Oliver and I snuggling on the couch. 2: Dinner! 3: Kind of creepy panorama picture I treid in the car - notice the disappearing black SUV in the middle? Weird!

Sad to see Monday is here already!  

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