Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to school shopping

I’ve been out of college for some time now, but I realized this past weekend that I’m still a bit traumatized by it.

I was at Target twice this weekend—because the $100+ I spent the first time just didn’t feel like enough—and each time I noticed the crowds of young adults and their parents shopping for college supplies. Whether it was someone preparing for an upcoming move, or another who had clearly just moved in and was stocking up on groceries, I got sick to my stomach every time.

See, college was a bit traumatic for me. Forget the independence and the new friends and the freedom—I just wanted home. Even though I was only 90 miles away from said home, it felt like we were an ocean apart. And that led to a horrible case of homesickness.

{Adorable print, via Etsy}
It took me the majority of my first semester freshman year to finally feel comfortable. I made some great friends, and that helped. But it didn’t stop the homesickness from returning when I went back to school after winter break, or when I returned the fall of my sophomore year. I’m telling you, I was a mess.

Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of fun times and, like I said, made some incredible friends. But Lord have mercy, homesickness pretty much ruled my college experience (that is, until I finally transferred after my sophomore year to finish my degree just two—yes 2—glorious miles from home).

So you can see why a simple trip to Target anytime between August and September can throw me into a full on anxiety attack. I’m instantly reminded of that painful anticipation, the worry that sat in the pit of my stomach when it came time to move away. And don’t get me started on the experience of sending Sean away to school in the first year of our relationship. That’s a whole other story of its own, but probably another reason I find myself dreading back-to-school season these days.

So while I’m pushing my cart full of groceries through Target, I have to remind myself that I’m past that point in my life. I will never have to face it again (you know, until my kid goes away to college and I have a nervous breakdown at the thought of them leaving my nest. Oh joy!).

Some people long to go back to college (or, if you’re like my husband, even high school). I, however, find myself eternally grateful to be past it and thrilled for the stage of life I’m in right now.

What about you? Would you go back to high school or college if you could, or are you loving where you are right now? Or maybe both?!?


  1. I'm starting my last semester (aka 11th semester! haha) & feel the exact same way! Major anxiety attack when I think about moving back on Sunday.

  2. I'm so with you! I went to college in Duluth and my boyfriend (now husband) went to the U of M. I missed him soooooo much and always wanted to be home. I never transferred, because it seemed like too much of pain. Like you, I made lots of great friends in college, but I couldn't shake that feeling of wanting to be home. Luckily it all worked out in the end.

  3. I LOVED college. I made some of my best friends there, and sometimes I do wish I could go back. But I really am loving where I'm at right now too. BTW, I totally just went to Etsy and bought a print like that for Oklahoma. So freaking cute. Thanks for the tip!