Thursday, August 16, 2012


When life gets tough, when you’re feeling beaten down and worn out, it’s not easy to find confidence or hope.

After so many times of thinking you’ve seen the worst only to be blindsided by more, it starts to just feel inevitable. And it’s not easy to let others see into your pain. But today I discovered the beauty that can come from that vulnerability. People rally around you, finding big and small ways to show you that it’s ok. They can bring the hope to the table, you just have to invite them to take a seat.

Confidence, of course, isn’t something you can ask others for. It’s something you have to find within yourself, even if it feels forced or faked or frustrating. But knowing what others see in you, and realizing their love and support, can help you start to find it. At least that’s my hope.  

In the end it’s all easier said than done. Words that sound great on paper don’t always have the same power within a broken spirit. But you can try. You can believe. You can lean on each other. And you can pray. And someday, it will all feel right again.   

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