Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road rage

My little sister just got her driver’s permit. In addition to making me feel a little old, it also got me thinking about my own learning-to-drive experience.

Like most teenagers, I was very eager to get my license. But unlike most teenagers, I didn’t really like to drive. When I had my permit I rarely drove, save for the required behind-the-wheel lessons and a few mandatory hours with my mom. When the day to take my test arrived (just a few weeks after my 16th birthday), I was even afraid to drive on the freeway to the test. It’s a wonder, really, how I even passed on the first try.

But somewhere along the way I started gaining confidence and eventually became very comfortable behind the wheel. I’d say I’m a pretty decent driver (though Sean might beg to differ, but he has very high standards and it’s hard for anyone to measure up in his book). But I’d also be the first to admit I have my own driving faults, too. I’m a bit of a lead foot. I’m a terrible parker. And the road rage. Goodness gracious, the road rage!

I’m totally one of those people who thinks everyone else on the road should drive exactly how I want them to. Obviously they should know when I’m in a hurry or when I need them to make way for me. Sure it’s a little completely and ridiculously irrational, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can be quite a bear to drive with. It’s one of Sean’s biggest pet peeves, but thankfully, he pretty much drives everywhere we go together!

But today, while muttering under my breath at the woman in front of me at a stoplight, I realized there are a few particular things that just really drive me crazy on the road. I instantly started compiling a list of a few of my biggest driving pet peeves:
  • People who don’t put their turn signal on until the last minute, thus leaving you stuck behind them until traffic passes.
  • Going significantly under the speed limit. I’m all for safety and obeying the law (hey, my husband is in law enforcement, so I better be), but can we please at least go a reasonable speed?
  • When someone doesn’t pull into the intersection when waiting to make a left turn. If there is a long line of people waiting to turn, at least move up a bit to increase the chances of others getting through the light, too, mmkay?
  • And maybe the worst of all - when a lane is closed and their are signs for miles, and people still speed up and try and cut in at the last minute, as though those of us who waited patiently and followed the rules are sitting there for our health!
I can be such a snot sometimes. Who knows why these things bother me, but somewhere in learning to enjoy driving, I also learned to despise the littlest things that happen on the road. Do you have any driving pet peeves? (It’s ok to say your pet peeve is people like me, hah!)

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  1. Ah driving, good times. I just have to share this about merging, though. Apparently Minnesotans are notorious for not following the "zipper rule". (me included!) The rule is that you SHOULD drive all the way to where the road goes down to one lane and then take turns merging into one lane, rather than moving over the second you see the sign. Apparently that clogs up traffic way more. The problem is that because it's such a MN thing to move over right away, everyone thinks the people who go all the way to the end are jerks (which is some cases they are, but that's besides the point). You can read more here: from out of state that I talk to thinks it's so weird how we move over right away and get mad at the people who don't :) I'm curious what your hubby thinks!