Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding recap part 1: The Rehearsal

We've been married for exactly 2 months today! But it's never too late to finally start recapping the wedding, right?

I had intended to start these quite a bit sooner, but was waiting to get some photos back from a friend who captured the rehearsal and morning-of shots. We haven't had a chance to connect, but I decided to make it work with the few that I do have. So here it goes...

The Rehearsal
The wedding festivities began with our rehearsal, which actually took place on Thursday evening. We all met at the church and honestly, it was a bit surreal to see everyone coming together at last. The group was made up of our wedding party (more details to come on them), our parents and grandparents, our Godparents, and our readers.

We all gathered in the first few pews while the church’s wedding coordinator and our priest gave us an overview of the day. The priest who married us was the Pastor at our church when Sean and I were both in grade school. He was also a friend of Sean's family, and had worked closely with Sean's dad on several parish activities. He even gave the eulogy at Sean's dad's funeral. It meant so much to us to have someone special to us, someone we knew would make it a truly personal experience, celebrate our marriage.

Anyway, we practiced the line-up and went through a very abbreviated run-through of the ceremony before finally calling it quits.
{Cell phone quality - my mom and I practicing our walk down the aisle}
{Cell phone again - all lined up!}
Before we knew it, we were on our way to dinner!

The dinner was held at Sean’s uncle’s condo, where we were able to reserve a great room with a full kitchen, lots of windows, and plenty of space for our 40+ guests. It was catered by one of our favorite local restaurants and the Italian dinner was delicious. Everything turned out wonderful, and it was all thanks to my mother-in-law.

Sean and I, being the introverted people that we are, gave a really quick speech thanking everyone for being there and being part of our lives. We took some photos, handed out gifts, and spent time visiting with our family and friends. Unfortunately, Sean had a big day at work the next day, so we ended the night just in time for everyone's bedtime.
{The bride- and groom-to-be with Baby C}
{With my girls (except for my sister, who left before we thought to grab this photo)}
{Sean and his boys}
For our wedding party gifts, the girls received these adorable tote bags (each in a different color), handmade necklaces (made by one of my aunts) to wear on the wedding day, a gift card toward the salon where we were having our hair done, and flip flops to dance the night away. For the guys, we got some wooden crates from Michael's and stocked them with a set of engraved beer mugs, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer (and root beer for the 2 underage boys), a tie for the wedding day, and a Lake Life hat. Lake Life is an awesome company a friend of ours started with some other guys to celebrate summer life, particularly life on the lakes. Check them out - especially you local folks - they have some fun stuff!

{All the gifts loaded in the car}
Up next...the day before the big day!


  1. I forgot you got even married....kidding :) Loved your dress from the rehearsal and those were awesome gifts you guys gave!

  2. Haha, I know. No kidding! Thanks, I like that dress too. Actually, I think I'm going to wear it to a wedding tomorrow night too!