Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding recap part 2: The Day Before

Since we had our rehearsal on a Thursday, we had an entire day before the wedding to relax and enjoy the upcoming festivities. Unfortunately, Sean had to work, but I was able to take the day off and spend it with my favorite girls!

We started the morning at the nail salon. Five of my 6 bridesmaids, along with my mom and Sean’s mom, spent the morning getting pampered. By the time we were done, our stomachs were definitely rumbling.
 We moved the party across the street to a great local diner, where we relished in delicious food and endless laughter. We made friends with the waitress, told funny stories, and ate our weight in sweet potato fries.

Nutella french toast. I didn't try it, but interesting concept!
After lunch, many people had to take care of some last minute errands, so 3 of my best friends and I decided to keep the fun going. We gathered our swimsuits, picked up my matron of honor’s daughter, and headed to my friend’s pool. The 5 of us swam the afternoon away (careful not to gain any strange tan lines before the next day).

When we were done, we met up with our other halves and headed to watch our softball game. We couldn’t, of course, play with our freshly painted nails and the risk of things like black eyes or injury, but we cheered them on to victory anyway.

Sean and I made our way home and whipped up a quick dinner—eggs—before packing our bag for the next day. I loaded up the car with all the wedding-day essentials, and Sean dropped me off at my mom’s.

It was getting late and I knew I had to be up early, so I took a cool shower and curled up in bed early. Sean and I exchanged texts—goodnights and I love yous—and fell asleep apart for the first time in months.

Next up—the big day!

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