Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend review

Our weekend was wonderful and productive, a great combination if you ask me.

Friday night we went out with Sean’s co-workers. I think our waitress was slightly overwhelmed (and can’t blame her) as people kept flooding in and we added table after table until we eventually spanned the width of the room. I guess it’s bound to happen with 30+ people, and considering 90% of them were guys, I’m not surprised no one thought to call ahead. It worked out fine though and I have to say the waitress did a great job, all things considered. More importantly, we had a great time. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and it was great to get to know these people my husband spends most of his time with these days.
Saturday was a busy day. I went for a quick bike ride in the morning, and then headed over to help Sean’s mom with some stuff at her new condo (she’s in the process of moving). From there, I went to my friend’s house to help put wedding programs together—her big day is less than 4 weeks away! Sean even joined us later, mostly because I bribed him with baby-duty while the rest of us finished the programs. We grabbed dinner with Sean’s mom and headed home for a quite night. I wasn’t feeling great, so Sean made a fire and we just sat outside and talked. It was a great evening for it! Even Oliver enjoyed it, although he was a little leery and decided to stay on my lap the whole time. 
Sean reading Baby C a book

Oliver enjoying the fire
I still wasn’t feeling wonderful on Sunday, but I managed to get up relatively early. I made it to mass and then set out to tackle our long to-do list. We got my car washed (much overdue), stopped at Sean’s mom’s condo, and went grocery shopping. Later I returned things to a few different stores, found shoes for the wedding I’m in next month, and picked up a few other things. I even mustered the energy to make a decent dinner.

Beautiful view

It was definitely a great weekend—our last weekend without scheduled activities for at least 8 weeks! I'm tired just thinking about it. Whew!


  1. "mostly because I bribed him with baby-duty" SO CUTE :)

    1. I know, it pretty much melts my heart that he loves babies so much. And if just seeing him with our friends' kids is this much fun, I can only imagine how great it will be to see him with his own someday!