Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snapshot of a long weekend

One of the best things about long weekends—aside from the obvious extra day to relax—is that you start your week on a Tuesday! No case of the Mondays over here, and we’re already a whole day closer to ANOTHER weekend. Double win!

We had a fabulous, fun-filled weekend. I took Friday off work to catch up on some much needed things, like the disaster that had become our house. It took me all afternoon but the place finally looked like somewhere you actually want to spend time again. When Sean got home from work, we went out for a quick dinner and rented The Hunger Games. I was surprised he agreed to watch it, but he believed me when I said it’s popular among men and women alike!
Oliver enjoyed the movie, too, obviously.
Saturday morning we were up early to rent a trailer and move a few last things from Sean’s mom’s house. When we got home and noticed that our freezer temperature was climbing far too high, we got on the phone to try and find an appliance repair man who works on weekends. After several dead ends, I got a call back from an incredibly nice man who said he thought he could talk me through it over the phone. Most of the time, he said, the filter just needs to be cleaned. So instead of his nap Sean got to take apart the fridge and clean the hell out of it with a ShopVac and an air compressor. (But the freezer was back to its usual temp later that night, so we were thrilled!)
When he was done, he got ready for a bachelor party while I went to run errands before my friend’s bachelorette party. Later, I met up with the girls for a night on the town. We started with the Pedal Pub, followed it up with dinner at Fabulous Fern’s (where I had one of the best pasta dishes of my life!), and then hit up a bar in Lowertown. I actually beat Sean home, which is a first!
The bridesmaids wore tie dye, but we also had an semi-80s theme going on, too.
The bride-to-be!
Two of my oldest and dearest friends - we go back to grade school! (And don't you love the crimped hair?
She totally wins for best dressed!)
The whole pedaling crew!
We slept later than usual on Sunday, but I eventually got myself moving for the day. I cleaned out and organized our garage for a bit, and then made a much-needed trip to the gym and the grocery store. Then, we got all dressed up and headed out to my cousin’s wedding for the night.

Even though we had mountains of laundry to do on Monday, we decide to visit the Great Minnesota Get Together for a couple hours. And I’m glad we did! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so the last day of the fair was our first opportunity to go, but it’s a tradition. We had to get some of our favorite treats and our annual Christmas ornament (a tradition we got from our best friends who do the same). It was warm and crowded, but we had a great time. By the time we got home, I felt gross and exhausted. I took a shower—the best feeling ever after being full of sweat and dirt, if you ask me—and sat on the couch until bedtime.
Part 1 of our must-have list: Turkey To Go, Shaved Ice, and Fresh French Fries
Part 2: A malt from the dairy building, spinach and artichoke ravioli, and sweet corn
1. Crowded! 2. Tried to convince Sean to go on this ride, but he (thankfully) convinced me I would be terrified. 3. Our Christmas ornament! 4. Checking out the cars  5. Last horse show of the day!

And here we are, back to work already. How was your weekend?

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  1. I've always wanted to do the pedal pub. Looks so fun! Love the state fair food pics too! YUM!