Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer fest 2012

A couple years ago, a friend of ours invited us and several of our friends up to his family's cabin for a fun weekend away. It instantly became a tradition. Earlier this year, we added a winter weekend to the list (best idea ever!), too. After last summer's trip, my camera somehow destroyed nearly all of the photos, and I was so disappointed! This year, I was sure to capture as much as I could.

While it's past labor day and in most peoples' minds full fally now, this year's weekend got pushed out to this past weekend. We were hoping for warm weather anyway, but Saturday was actually rather crisp and cloudy. We made our mandatory boat trip to a local bar and restaurant for lunch anyway, but after freezing our butts off, we decided against spending the day on the water like we usually do. It was actually kind of nice to have lots of time to relax.

Everyone gathered Friday evening and we spent most of the night playing games around the cabin. We're a rather competitive group, so the night was full of shouting, pillow throwing, and of course plenty of laughs.
Pretty sky on our drive up!
Friday night games!
The game of the weekend - Catch Phrase!
Saturday morning a few of us went into town for some coffee and breakfast. We spent most of the morning around the cabin (a few people went for a run; I was not one of them), and eventually packed up and headed to a late lunch. We finally got back to the cabin and regained feeling in our extremeties. Sean and I went into town for a bit while some others took naps or watched college football. We played a few more games, made dinner, and headed out to the bars for a bit. Most people stayed out till closing; my friend Claire and I were (happily) home and in bed by 11:30.
Saturday morning coffee
Chilly boat ride
This pretty much sums up how cold we were
Sunday morning we relaxed around the cabin while the boys' excitement for the football kickoff grew exponentially. They claimed spots around the TV, their laptops and iPads with fantasy football info perched in their laps, and stayed there all morning. We ordered lunch from Zorbaz, a popular lake restaurant in several Minnesota cities, and chowed down while watching the football game. I took a few quick photos of baby C outside, we captured our annual group photo, and then Sean and I hit the road at half time (he was anxious to get home for his team's game, the Packers).
This year's crew


Baby C's impromptu photo shoot
All in all it was a wonderful weekend away. The fresh northern lake air, good friends, abundant laughter, and two blissfully carefree days. Just what the doctor ordered!

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