Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My new favorite accessory

Ever since Sean was officially sworn into the police department, I’ve been thinking about wanting to wear something meaningful in honor of him. I’m just a bit obnoxiously proud of how hard he works and what it takes for him and others to serve the community day in and day out. Of course, I’m also constantly praying for their safety and protection, too. Lord knows I’m not cut out to be so brave. About the biggest risk I face at work is getting a paper cut.  

So I’ve been casually on the hunt for something special to keep close to me, and a few weeks ago, I found it. I was reading Kelle Hampton’s blog (a fave!) and she mentioned one of her sponsors—The Shine Project. I had heard about this before but never really looked into it, and for whatever reason, something that day compelled me to explore.

Not only was I inspired by the mission of their organization (for both The Shine Project and Threads, their cause-driven business that provides opportunities for at-risk youth), but I loved so many of the fun things they had to offer. I was instantly drawn to their personalized bangle. It seemed like the perfect opportunity. I decided on the phrase “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” from Matthew 5:9. It’s a favorite of mine but also something that’s commonly used for things relating to law enforcement and military. In fact, it’s inscribed on the Minnesota Peace Officer’s Memorial, too.

So imagine my excitement when the package arrived yesterday. I ripped open the envelope, carefully untied the mini drawstring bag, and immediately put it on my wrist—where it will likely stay nearly 100% of the time. You guys, I’m telling you, it’s adorable and meaningful and just what I had in mind. I’m already brainstorming new (and personalized, of course) ones I can have created for gifts for friends and family.

So there’s no other point to this other than I wanted to share this fun new find. I’m in no way affiliated with The Shine Project or Threads (they have no clue who I am, let alone that I’m writing this). I simply wanted to share my excitement with all of you! Check them out!

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  1. Glad you found just what you were looking for! I love the font on this.