Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend I...

A little weekend round-up to kick of this Monday. I’m especially excited that I’m only working 2 days this week before a wonderful holiday break—including days where my husband and I will both be off work. #ThanksgivingMiracle.

So anyway, back to the weekend.

This weekend I gave the gym a little undivided attention. Saturday workouts are my favorite because, unlike during the week, I don’t feel like I’m rushing through everything to get to work in time. I was so in need of a butt-kicking, particular in the weight training department. I’m still sore today, so I think that’s a good sign I should trade some of the cardio time for the weights a little more often. I was reading this article last week about how important weight training is. I’ll admit it, just like the article says, I’ve always thought cardio was key and have a hard time (i.e. feel guilty) cutting back on that. But I know weight training is beneficial, too. Part of my problem is feeling like I just don’t have a good routine with the weights. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing! Any good tips for strength training?!?
This weekend I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and went for a walk with 3 of my best friends. It’s funny how quickly time goes by—and how far you get—before you realize it when you’re chatting away with good friends. I’m sad that winter is coming and these (outdoor) walks will be fewer and farther between for a few months.

This weekend I found this couch. Sean’s mom got us these adorable chairs for our living room and this couch matches that color scheme perfectly! I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Sean that perhaps this could be our Christmas present to each other. Hey, it’s on sale (see that 50% off tag?!)! His response? “I believe I’m sitting on a couch right now, aren’t I?” Like lots of men, he’s of the “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” mentality. I admire that in him most of the time…except when it means shutting down one of my brilliant ideas.
This weekend I met this little lady. Isn’t she a beauty? Our friends welcomed her to the world on Friday and I’m just so excited for them. When I came home from visiting them at the hospital, my hands and sweater smelled like baby. If it were hygienically and socially acceptable, I’d never wash them. Love babies!
This weekend I snuggled with the pup…a lot. Sean worked all weekend which meant Oliver and I had plenty of quality time together. I did my fair share of productive things, but I also indulged in some quality couch potatoing. It was heavenly. Sunday night he rediscovered a toy that is at least 2 years old but practically brand new and he decided the three of us should watch the AMA’s together. Perfect end to the weekend.

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  1. I told Jesse we should buy a couch as a Christmas present for each other this year. His sentiment was similar to that of yours husband's.