Monday, December 10, 2012

This weekend I...

This weekend I...celebrated a friend’s birthday. We went out for burgers and drinks (the birthday girl is expecting, so the drinks were more for everyone else). I think we might have scared our significant others a bit with all the high school stories we were telling. I forget sometimes just how much mischief we used to get into together—oh how times have changed!
This weekend I...went to Shop with Cops with Sean. I hadn’t originally planned on going with him (I mean, the kids don’t come to shop with cops’ wives) but they encouraged family to come. So when another of Sean’s buddies was bringing his wife, I decided it’d be fine if I went along, too. It turned out to be a very cool experience. We had 2 young boys for our first trip, and 4 sisters (ages 6-13) for our second. It was fun to see them so excited about finding something special for their family—and being able to pick out a gift for themselves, too.
This weekend I…made these for our annual Christmas party. My mom used to make these when I was little and they were my favorite. I quickly remembered why when I tried them again.  SO. GOOD. If you’re looking for a delicious brownie recipe, seriously give these a shot.

This weekend I…had a great time celebrating the holidays with friends. As usual, we had an abundance of delicious food, and no shortage of great conversation either. And who doesn’t love getting to see this little one?
This weekend I…took full advantage of the snowstorm by using it as my excuse to be L-A-Z-Y. I seriously only left the house once on Sunday, and it was a 10-minute trip to the grocery store 2 blocks away. To make the day even better, Sean did all the snow removal (by choice), he got the night off work, I tried out a delicious new recipe (more on that later), and Sean’s mom, brother, and uncle came over for dinner.

All in all, a pretty good weekend (minus a couple bumps in the road, and the fact that like all weekends—it ended).

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello weekend!

When I “wasn’t feeling it” on Monday I should’ve taken it as a sign to stay in bed all week. It’s turned out to be quite the pain-in-the ass week. But…there’s a silver lining. It’s Friday and that means we get to put it all behind us!
I’m looking forward to some fun plans this weekend. Tonight we’re meeting some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be joining Sean and his department for their annual Shop with Cops program. I’ll be sneaking out to grab a couple small gifts for him (emphasis on the small since he can’t decide what he wants and he’s so hard to buy for!). Then I’m meeting a friend for some lunch and shopping (her fiancĂ© and Sean work together and she had the great idea to buy some Christmas gifts for the family of a Minnesota police officer who was recently killed in the line of duty). Somewhere in there I need to whip up some delicious treats because Saturday night we have our annual Christmas party with friends. It’s sure to be a great time! I think by Sunday we’ll be wiped out and ready for a restful day at home before Sean heads back to work that night. I can already feel the weekend flying by!

Can you believe Christmas is just more than 2 weeks away? I’m determined to put this crappy week behind me, get in the holiday spirit, and enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comfort words

Sometimes when things get especially taxing, I seek out some words of comfort or inspiration. And other times, they stumble upon me instead. A quote coincidentally included in someone's email signature. An innocent "pin" by an acquaintance that seems to be speaking directly to me. Even an advertisement on the TV or radio.

It can come from anywhere, yet it's the most powerful gift when it appears - out of nowhere - and just in time.

A few very fitting ones these days (all found via Pinterest, even though some of them first came to me in other ways):


Monday, December 3, 2012

Case of the Mondays

We had a really nice weekend—a together weekend—and for that I’m grateful. We deep-cleaned our cars (had my seats shampooed and everything!), ate out, watched some old school movies (can you believe I’d never seen Tommy Boy in its entirety?), did some shopping, attended a bachelor party (Sean) and did some late-night cleaning again (me), and spent Sunday eating good food with good friends while watching some sort-of good football (the end result was good, and that’s all that matters!).

But the truth is, even after all of that, I’m just not feeling it today. I slept horribly—which is becoming quite the routine on nights when Sean is working. Sean is stressed about some work stuff and therefore I’m stressed for him, too. I have a crazy day at work ahead of me. I haven’t been feeling that great. And it’s Monday. Only the beginning of a long week on the horizon.

So me and my case of the Mondays will be enjoying a pity party elsewhere today. I’ll come back—with a more positive attitude—soon!