Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello weekend!

When I “wasn’t feeling it” on Monday I should’ve taken it as a sign to stay in bed all week. It’s turned out to be quite the pain-in-the ass week. But…there’s a silver lining. It’s Friday and that means we get to put it all behind us!
I’m looking forward to some fun plans this weekend. Tonight we’re meeting some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be joining Sean and his department for their annual Shop with Cops program. I’ll be sneaking out to grab a couple small gifts for him (emphasis on the small since he can’t decide what he wants and he’s so hard to buy for!). Then I’m meeting a friend for some lunch and shopping (her fiancé and Sean work together and she had the great idea to buy some Christmas gifts for the family of a Minnesota police officer who was recently killed in the line of duty). Somewhere in there I need to whip up some delicious treats because Saturday night we have our annual Christmas party with friends. It’s sure to be a great time! I think by Sunday we’ll be wiped out and ready for a restful day at home before Sean heads back to work that night. I can already feel the weekend flying by!

Can you believe Christmas is just more than 2 weeks away? I’m determined to put this crappy week behind me, get in the holiday spirit, and enjoy it!

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