Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day 10: Most embarrasing, I've got plenty of those

Today's prompt: Your most embarassing moment(s). Spill.

I actually had what I would consider my absolute most embarrassing moment just a few months ago. But that cringe worthy feeling of mortification is still a little too raw, so I just don’t think I can bring myself to share it here yet. It’s a mixture of TMI and plain ol’ embarrassment, but if you really are dying to know, shoot me an email and I’ll share. I don’t think I’m ready to document it forever on the world wide interwebs just yet.

But don’t you worry, because I’ve had plenty of embarrassing moments in my life. Like the time I ran face first into a glass door while racing a friend to call “shotgun” outside. Or the time I slipped, fell and continued to slide down the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s giant hill on my way to class as a cute boy behind me tried to catch up and make sure I was ok (“Just hurt my pride. Please keep walking,” is what I told him.) I must be clumsy because I also once fell down an entire set of stairs right next to a plumber who was working on our kitchen sink. Or how about when I was coming home from seeing a movie with friends for my 12th birthday? We were racing from the garage to the house, our bladders about to burst, when someone said something that set us all into a laughing fit. And I was done. I fell into a snow bank and proceeded to completely pee my pants. Imagine how the laughter only increased after that. And then there was the time in my first few months as a PR intern when I accidentally pushed an outdated version of a press release to the wire with a quote in it by an executive who had asked us to remove it. I’m still shocked I didn’t lose my job over that.

Ok, I could go on forever, but I’ll end with just one last one that I’m probably forever scarred by. I was in fifth grade and the desks of our history classroom were set up in the shape of a giant U. We all sat slumped in our chairs listening to the lecture when it came time to work quietly on an assignment the teacher passed out. Just as everyone settled in with their pencils, I scooted up in my chair and without warning, let out an unmistakable fart. The entire room looked up and the boys instantly started to tease me. To them, at that age, it’s simply funny. To me, it was absolutely mortifying. I can still remember wanting to crawl under my desk and hide my reddening face from their taunts. They may never remember it, but I’ll never forget it.

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