Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Day 14: What makes me happy

So my “every day in May” challenge is proving to be slightly less than every day, but I’m trying.

Today’s prompt: 10 things that make you really happy.

It’s easy, for me at least, to get caught up in the worries of all the things that stress me out and frustrate me and make me anxious. But lately, I’ve been trying really hard to just stop – for even a single second – and be thankful for all the good things, too—the things that make me really happy. So this post couldn’t come at a better time.
  1. Family walks. Oliver is usually pretty content sleeping the day away and getting his exercise in our yard, but every dog needs a good walk, too. We’ve been trying to be better about it doing it every night after dinner, and it’s my favorite when the 3 of us go together. A few quiet minutes, no distractions, just conversation and the company of my favorite boys.
  2. Apologies. Of course, I don’t like that they usually come after something worth apologizing for and I’d rather do without the mess in the first place, but there’s something about the peace that comes from resolving an issue that just makes me happy. Whether it’s with a spouse, friends, family…we all make mistakes, and it makes me happy that we can learn to acknowledge our remorse, forgive each other, learn from those mistakes, and love each other a little more because we got through it together.
  3. A hot bath after a long day. Need I say more?
  4. Days off work. Who doesn’t love an extra day every once in a while to relax, do something fun, or even just take care of things that are otherwise neglected. Looking forward to that this Friday!
  5. Hearing someone introduce me by my “new” last name. We’ve been married for almost a year, so I’m not sure how much longer I get to consider it “new,” but I never tire of hearing it. Whether we’re in a meeting at work or a friend is introducing me to another friend, it still feels so strange—in the most happy and exciting way. I guess I’m still in my newlywed bliss phase.
  6. Speaking of newlywed bliss…of course my husband makes me happy. You know, there are always going to be moments from time to time that are a little less than happy (ahem, see #2), but overall, there is no one and nothing in the world that makes me happier than him. Sorry for getting all gooey romantic over here – but boy do I love this man. So lucky to call him mine.
  7. Sleeping with at least one fan on and the windows open, especially if it’s just a little chilly out (this is even more preferable on a weekend, so I can crawl out from under the warm covers whenever I want, not when my alarm tells me I have to).
  8. Home. I am such a homebody. I just like being at home, whether that means my house or just in my hometown (i.e., not traveling). Of course I love to travel, too, but I love the feeling of coming home after being gone and everything feeling so right. I’m traveling for work the next few days so maybe I’m a bit biased right now (traveling alone is one of my least favorite activities), but I’m already looking forward to coming home and I haven’t even left yet. 
  9. Nice weather. I know I'm not alone in this. I just love how nice weather can put me in such a good mood! Today's 90+ temps here might be overdoing it just a little bit, though. 
  10. Accomplishment. Whether it's a chore I've been meaning to get done around the house or a big project at work, it's such a good feeling to get something done and finally put it behind you. (This weekend, I painted our living room while Sean was out of town. Huge success!)       


  1. All very good things! I'm pretty sure there's nothing that can fix a bad mood quicker than a good hot bath!

  2. I love sleeping with the windows open! And nice weather, of course :)