Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Day 21: Favorite posts

Today’s prompt: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

What a great idea! I had a little too much fun going back and reading some of my old posts (since I haven’t been blogging that long, and have taken a few “breaks” in the last year or so, there weren’t too many to go through). Plus, I had already started a list of favorites on my “Must-reads” tab, so half of it was done for me.
This may be one of those posts that is far more interesting to myself than anyone else, because there are more than enough posts in my archives that lack a bit of substance and aren’t terribly interesting for anyone to read. But there are a few in there that I think have a bit of inspiration in them, too—ones that really got me writing, usually because of the deep emotional nature of the post or my passion about the given subject. (Side note: I’m noticing as I’m putting these together there are an absurd amount of posts about grief and loss—but it’s an issue I’ve dealt with a lot in my life and a topic that really inspires the writer in me to come out.)
{A photo that has nothing to do with this post, but am loving this beautiful tree outside our kitchen window. It's ALMOST enough to make me want to stand there and do dishes. Almost.}
So here we go, take your pick:
  • Where were you 5 years ago: A reflection on all that can happen in 5 years, specifically reflecting on the day Sean moved away to college when we were first dating
  • Grass is greener: Thinking about envy (kind of a really good reminder for me right now)
  • Empathy: A post about my (sometimes too) strong capacity for empathy
  • In loving memory: Writing about the anniversary of my aunt’s death, but even more, reflecting on grief and how it’s made a difference in my life.
  • Crying: If you know me personally, or stick around long enough to read a couple posts, you’ll quickly come to know that crying is a big part of my life. Happy, sad, stressed, anxious. You name it. I will cry. But it’s ok – because I think crying is a very important emotional outlet.
  • Serendipity?: A story about finding the love of my life
  • Back to reality: A quick recap of a once-in-a-lifetime trip I took with my mom to take care of some family business in Turks & Caicos
  • Remembering grief and sadness: Reflecting on the day we lost Sean’s dad on the two year anniversary of his death (it’s now been 4).
  • Giving thanks: A pretty brief post, but intriguing nonetheless—thinking about what if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.
  • Teeing off in memory: A recap of the annual golf tournament we throw in honor of Sean’s dad. I love this post for a lot of reasons, but most especially because of the photos of such a beautiful summer day.
  • Year in review: There are a LOT of words in this post, but it sure does cover an awful lot that happened in 2012.
  • Embracing my muffin top: Talking about learning to love myself and all my flaws – and knowing I’m not the first person to ever be hard on myself.
  • Don’t worry, be happy: A recap of an article I read about 15 things you can give up to be happier. Needed this reminder today!
  • Writing through the night: A bit of a word-vomit post of all the emotions running through my head when Sean was unexpectedly hospitalized last year.
  • And then comes marriage: So excited to be married to my love, but also wrestling with the “what now” and the crash after the planning high.
  • If you really knew me: A post that was going around for a while, but also a fun way to get to know a few (pretty random) things about me.
  • Summer fest 2012: Our annual cabin trip with friends fell a little more in the fall this year, but it was still as fun as ever. This is one of my favorite weekends every year, and I love reliving it all through posts like this.
  • Heavy stuff: The story of my ectopic pregnancy. Including it here if only because it’s such a big part of who I am right now, today.
  • I’m sorry I hate you: While recovering from our pregnancy loss, I was a bit angry at the world, and it came time to be honest with myself about it.
    Edit: This deserves so much more than a post script to a post like this, but as I prepare to hit publish, I can't ignore the devastating news about Moore, Oklahoma on the TV behind me. I'm up late with the dog who is afraid of a very brief thunderstorm that rolled through and am just so sad to hear of the horrible destruction in the wake of a spring tornado. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Oklahoma right now as they dig out from this terrible tragedy. 

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