Friday, May 24, 2013

May Day 24: Top 3 worst traits

Today’s prompt: Your top 3 worst traits

Only 3? This might be hard.

I’m a procrastinator. In some ways, this works out well for me because getting down to crunch times is just the motivation I need to get something done. But the stress of it? Ugh, the stress! Why do I do it to myself? Whether it’s putting off the house cleaning until the last minute before company arrives or avoiding a work project until the day of the deadline, I’m the queen of putting things off. If it’s something I’m enjoy doing, however, then procrastination is never a problem. It’s usually only when the prospect of something overwhelms me that I ignore it for as long as I can.

I curse like a sailor. Guilty as charged, but boy do I have a potty mouth. My husband would probably tell you this should top my list of worst traits. He hates it. But sometimes I just can’t help it. My friend’s mom says that we are too smart to need to use such simple, foul words to express ourselves. I get it, I really do. And I do agree that it just sounds trashy sometimes. I’m working on getting better about it, but I’ve gotta tell you: sometimes a situation or emotion just really calls for a good ol’ f-bomb.
 I’m overly-emotional. Every emotion I feel tends to be amplified times 10. I get worried easily, and before I know it a little bit of worry spins into full-blown anxiety that I can’t seem to shake. When I’m happy or excited about something, I can be obnoxiously giddy. I remember my step-dad always telling me to “chill out” when I was a teenager and I’d be running around planning things for dances or parties with my friends. When I’m sad, it compounds quickly and I usually turn into a blubbering mess, crying not just about what made me sad in the first place but about 100 other things, too. And when I’ve got something on my mind, I have a hard time letting it go and putting on a mask. I get a bit withdrawn and people can usually sense that something is a little off. I hate that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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  1. Another procrastinator! After reading some posts today, I think the blogging world is made up entirely of us.

    I should have totally put overly emotional on my list too!