Friday, May 3, 2013

May Day 3: Uncomfortable-ness

Today’s prompt: Things that make you uncomfortable

Well happy Friday! Today we're talking about things that make me uncomfortable. Well, how much time do you have? Let’s just cover a few of the highlights.
  1. Tension. There is no feeling like that of being caught in the middle of tension so thick you can slice it with a steak knife. Whether it’s among friends who aren’t on the best of terms, or in a meeting at work where there’s an obvious issue that can’t be resolved, it seriously makes my skin crawl. Once, we were out to dinner with a large group of friends after a softball game (12+ people). In the middle of what had been a fun, reminiscent conversation, my husband (then boyfriend) accidentally let some news slip about someone at the table that only a handful of people knew about (and the “news” was something that was going to definitely upset at least 1 person at the table). I instantly froze and didn’t know what to do. I considered sliding off the edge of my seat and under the table, but instead I got up and walked away. Removing myself from the increasingly tense situation. I’m telling you – I hate tension.
  2. Similar to tension, I hate conflict. Even constructive conflict. I simply hate it. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to disagree with someone, especially to go as far as to argue about it. Obviously this is unavoidable (admittedly it’s something I need to embrace more because in the professional world, conflict – within reason – is inevitable).
  3. Awkward situations in general. Do you ever watch a TV show – real or fake – and feel like you have to turn the channel because things are so awkward? Happens to me all the time. I seriously get so uncomfortable sometimes I have to turn away. And of course when said awkward situations play out in real life? Oh man, color me uncomfortable.
  4. Speaking in large groups/public. This will just never be a strength for me. I recently had to give a big presentation to about 25 people at work. Thankfully, it was on a topic I could probably lecture on in my sleep so that helped curb my fear, but usually I’m so uncomfortably nervous that I’m bound to come off as jittery and awkward. 
  5. The sound of people chewing. Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly uncomfortable I get at the sound of people chewing. Whether it’s their teeth clicking together, the crunch of something hard or crispy between their teeth, or even the smacking associated with chewing with their mouth open – I go absolutely crazy. I literally get so anxious at the sound that my heart races. It makes me so uncomfortable that I have a hard time composing myself. A few weeks ago, we were eating at Chipotle and a girl a few tables away was chewing with her mouth open. We had to hurry and finish our dinner because as soon as I noticed it, I couldn’t tune it out. I have no idea why this drives me so crazy, but it’s by far one of my greatest pet peeves.
So there you have it, just a few things that make me uncomfortable. I can’t be alone in at least some of these, right?

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