Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Day 4: Favorite Quote

Today's prompt: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it 

Sharing just one favorite quote with you is like having to choose which child I like best (you know, if I actually had children). I’ve always been a bit obsessed with collecting quotes that speak to my heart and have collections in a variety of places—word documents, journals, post-it notes, and of course Pinterest.

But for the purpose of this, I’ll pick one. Just one. (Remember, it’s one of many, though).


There are so many reasons I love this quote. For starters, I have always liked Elisabeth Kubler Ross. I took a class in high school on faith, grief, and loss and we learned a lot about her work. I had experienced a few losses in my life at that point, but had no way of knowing just how much more I would experience in the years that would follow. Since then, I’ve increasingly understood the five stages of grief and think of her often because of it.

But aside from my respect for the author of this quote, the main reason it is among my favorites is because the beauty and truth I find within it.

I’d gladly trade every hardship, tragedy and loss in my life for anything. But I can’t. And in trying to draw strength from those situations, I’ve learned some of the greatest lessons in life. Many of my most defining characteristics are the result of the most trying times. So in a strange way, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have drawn strength from them. To learn to endure and persevere. To appreciate the small things. To see life in an entirely different light. I believe those experiences in my life have given me a unique sense of compassion, empathy, strength, and wisdom.

And this isn’t even about me. I’ve seen it true for so many others. It seems unfair that it takes challenging experiences in life to make you truly appreciate things, but some of the greatest beauty comes from those moments where we rise from the ashes. And while I’d gladly forego the hardship (or take it away for anyone who has to endure it), if I can’t, then I’ll take away from it the grace, wisdom, and character it builds.   

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