Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Meghan and Brian, you guys are one of my all-time favorite couples. You’re so great together and I just knew from the first day Sean came home and told me about Brian’s date with a teacher that this was something special. Can’t wait to celebrate you two becoming husband and wife this weekend. And can I also say, you have great taste - Sean’s going to look quite handsome in his Vera Wang tux tomorrow! 
Dear golf tournament planning team, you are all rockstars. I’m excited to be reunited with all of you to plan the 4th annual golf tournament in memory of Sean’s dad. Your senses of humor, generosity, and commitment mean so much to us. Sean’s family is lucky to have such amazing friends like you.

Dear last weekend’s storms, you were responsible for several downed trees and other damage (thankfully none of which directly affected us), an injury to my leg/ankle that’s turning into quite the bruise, sleep deprivation from dealing with a terrified puppy, and an absent and exhausted husband whose been working overtime on storm cleanup. Let it be noted that you made this lady a little angry in the past week. But as always, there’s a silver lining – we never lost power or had damage to our house, my leg is simply bruised and is recovering quickly, and the weather forecast is quite beautiful right now (and just in time for our friends’ wedding). I forgive you, storms.

                                                My ugly ankle - a week later
Dear upcoming haircut, could you please turn out something like this? And while you’re working miracles, if it could look as cute on me as it did on Jennifer Aniston, that’d be great, too.

Dear Friday, welcome! It’s always nice to see you. Even more so when I’m only working a half day. Let the weekend fun begin!

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  1. Jennifer Aniston is so gorgeous. How's your ankle doing?