Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life Lately

So the challenge to blog every day in May is over and I instantly revert back to silence. Sweeeeeet. Sorry about that.

But the challenge was fun and I was happy to find some motivation to write more often again. I'm hoping the inspiration continues so that I can get back into a routine of posting on a regular basis.

So what have I been up to lately? Life's been a bit hectic, but busy is good. The work days have been flying by and the weekends have been a wonderful harmony of relaxation and fun.

A few snapshots of life lately.

Catching a few of my sister's varsity softball games
Celebrating the bachelorette, my friend Katie (shown here with her bridesmaids, including one who has since had the little one in her belly in this photo). Excited for her wedding in just 10 days!
Helped to throw a baby shower for a friend and had these adorable (and delish) cake pops. A woman I work with has her own cake pop business and does a phenomenal job. Highly recommend her if you're in the Twin Cities area (let me know and I'll share her info)!

Love spending time with this soon-to-be big sister (and her parents, too, of course)

Delicious experimental recipe - (gluten free) penne pasta with a light pesto alfredo sauce
and sundried tomato and asiago chicken sausage. So good!
A very quick (36-hour) trip to Boston for work. The beautiful view from my hotel room.
Oliver loves the balcony at grandma's condo. Apparently he loves it more with a glass of wine.
A terrible, blurry photo but a sure sign of summer: shaved ice at the local street fair.
My brother graduated from high school (shown here with my sister)!
Perfecting our swings at the driving range. Who am I kidding? If you know anything about golf you can take one look at this picture and see my swing is so far from perfect (or even decent) I might as well be playing a different sport. Not sure if golf will be in the cards for me, but my husband is a very patient teacher, so that helps!

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