Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas with a Crowd

This weekend, we had our annual Christmas celebration with my extended family. We have a pretty large family, because my mom is one of 12 kids, so when we all get together, it’s really quite the crowd.

It’s a unique experience, growing up in a family like mine. I’ve often said it’s helped define who I am in a lot of ways.  Like most families, ours has plenty of drama and dysfunction. It’s hard to put it into words sometimes, or to explain our relationships to someone who hasn’t been there from the beginning. Sean and I have been together 9 years and he’s still trying to get used to it. But for all the good and bad, they’re my family. And I love them. 

This Christmas was a unique one. There was some tension amongst a few people, but it still managed to be fun and drama-free. And for the first time on a long time, nearly everyone was there. We were only missing a handful of cousins and their families.
Taking a photo with my grandma and her grandchildren (only missing 6, probably the closest we'll ever get!).
The great-grandkids gathering for their photo.
My brother (left) and cousin. Six months apart and friends for life!

My cousin's daughter, Leah.

My grandma and her daughters!
(My mom's other 3 siblings, a brother and 2 sisters, died in 2002, 2005, and 2007.)
One of the best parts of Christmas, in my opinion, is spending time with those you love. And so far, this Christmas has really delivered (and it’s still 3 days till Christmas!).

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  1. What a huge family! That looks like fun, though. Merry Christmas!