Monday, January 6, 2014

Chilling out

Well here in Minnesota it’s downright cold. Record-breaking, in fact (at least, they expect it to be). This morning, it felt like nearly 50 degrees below zero. Yuck. Most schools were closed today and even a few businesses, my mom’s company included. (New development: schools are closed tomorrow, too. Why am I a grown up now?) Unfortunately, mine was not on that list. I contemplated working from home but decided that it wasn’t worth it. There are a lot more people who have it far worse in weather like this (mail carriers, police officers) so I think I can bundle up and make my way to my warm and toasty office. I don’t have to be happy about it though, do I?
So between the bone-chilling cold and a restless night of odd dreams that have left me feeling just a little off today (am I crazy or do other people sometimes have dreams that totally affect your mood the next day), I’m not terribly enthusiastic on this Monday. But there are silver linings to hold onto. Warmer temps are coming this weekend. We have a few fun weekends ahead. And this past weekend was a good one, too!

We stayed in Friday night and caught up on a few more episodes of Homeland. We’re latecomers to this show but Sean got the DVDs for Christmas and we’re really liking it! While Sean started his new work schedule on Saturday (which means he’ll be working afternoons/evenings), I ran a few errands and then got pedicures and dinner with my mom and mother-in-law. We ate at Scusi, a small Italian place in St. Paul that I had yet to visit. It was delicious, and a really fun night!  
I had planned to stay inside and boycott the cold on Sunday, but Sean and I decided to sneak in a breakfast date before he had to go to work. Later in the day I was getting a bit stir crazy and decided to make a trip to the mall to return a few things and shop Victoria Secret’s semi-annual sale. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as brutal as I anticipated (neither the cold nor the MOA traffic). I spent the rest of the day getting things done around the house, watching the Packers lose (boo!), and getting ready for the week ahead. I was happy to hear Sean’s car started when he got off work so I didn’t have to go out in my PJs. Now let’s hope our cars keep starting for a few more days until the 30-degree warm up hits!

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