Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday musings

The holidays have totally spoiled me in the time off department. Now, a standard 2-day weekend just does.not.feel.long.enough! Not to mention that a standard 5-day work week feels like an eternity. It’s going to be a long 4-month stretch until spring rolls around.

So maybe because my brain is not fully recharged just yet, I can’t seem to process my thoughts in an orderly fashion. So random thoughts is what you get.

Reading: In deciding to read more this year, I’ve unlocked a seemingly insatiable hunger for it. I just finished My Name is Memory in less than a week and really enjoyed it. Then I went and added 20+ books to my Amazon wish list. Now I have anxiety over even attempting to choose which one to read first because I apparently want to read them all RIGHT. NOW. Thankfully, our book club is being resurrected this year so at least that tells me which book I have to read next.

Old friends: A couple of my friends from college (and their husbands) came in town this weekend. We walked around the entire Mall of America, introduced them to our favorite burger place, and laughed until we cried while playing games at our house. You know the type of friendships that just come so easily, needing virtually no effort to fall into your old familiar ways after being apart for months? That’s what it’s like with these friends, and I am sad every time we part that we can’t live closer together.
Pity parties: Do you ever just need a day to let yourself be sad or stressed or confused, or whatever it may be that’s been creeping up on you? To just lean into something that’s bothering you when you’ve been trying to ignore it? I gave myself a couple hours to give into it on Sunday, then took a deep breath, let it go, and moved on. Until the next pity party, of course. Feels refreshing!  

Old friends, part two: We had a baby shower for one of my oldest friends on Sunday. These particular girls are my other soul sisters. We can talk about anything. Go days or weeks without seeing each other and still feel connected. Be brutally honest with one another. It’s so fun to see how much life is changing for all of us, certainly much different than our wild high school days!
The Golden Globes: Did you watch? Since Sean was working, I was actually able to catch some Red Carpet arrivals and watch the awards show uninterrupted (you know, only changing the channel when I wanted to!). I don’t usually follow them closely, but the celebrity eye candy made for a relaxing end to the weekend.

So after my weekend, I have two pieces of advice I'd like to share. Do you have an old friend (or five) you haven't talked to in a while? Call them, or make plans to get together. It will make you all happy. And second, do you need a good cry? Do it! And if you need a really good cry, throw in some sad music and maybe even some candles, too. I think we all need to just cleanse our emotions every once and a while. 

Well Monday, my least favorite day of the week, is just waiting for me to show it who's boss, so I better get to it. Have a fabulous week!

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