Friday, January 10, 2014

My Project 365

I decided to challenge myself to posting at least 1 photo a day on Instagram in 2014. Ten days later and I’m still going strong. This must be some sort of personal record for me. Only 355 to go? I imagine I’ll miss a day or two here and there, but I really am going to try and make it the whole year. Would you like to start taking bets on when I fail? Inquire within. My husband is already first in line.

But, in the first 10 days I’ve already learned a few things about my life:
  1. My life is kind of boring.
  2. I could stand to be a little more creative.
  3. I take a LOT of pictures of my dog.
  4. It’s kind of fun to be consciously thinking about what’s memorable or beautiful in each day (even if, as a result of #1, some days really have neither).
Many days, the most exciting part of my day involves sitting on the couch in my sweats watching TV and snuggling with the dog. My job isn’t very glamorous or adventurous, so I don’t think cube farm photos are all that exciting. And while Sean’s work schedule will sometimes get in the way of us having a lot of quality time together, we tend to do very boring things even when we do have QT. So there will most certainly be a lot of days this year that there’s just not a whole lot to share (except for my adorable dog, of course).

But I’m going to try and stick with it anyway. And hey, if you ask me, boring isn’t so bad. I’m sure (I hope and pray) that someday years down the line we’ll be so busy with a kid or two and look back and be thankful for the days where life could ever feel slow enough to be boring.
**And if you care to follow along, since I've given you so many compelling reasons to do so, find me on Instagram - @msjewells.**

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