Wednesday, April 2, 2014

31 Things I was Thankful for in March

  1. Vacation!
  2. The start of a spring thaw.
  3. Half Priced Books.
  4. A book club that doesn’t look down on you if you didn’t read the book. We’re more of a social and food club, anyway.
  5. The sump pump we had installed in our house last year.
  6. A family that rallies together when tragedy or hardship happens.
  7. Three lunch dates in one week with great coworkers.
  8. The generosity of people who donated to my cousin and his girlfriend’s family after she died unexpectedly.
  9. A renewed focus on prayer. 
  10. A super friendly dog trainer who had great advice on some problem areas we’re having with Oliver.
  11. An extra day off at the end of vacation before heading back to work.
  12. Free bagel Fridays at work.
  13. Redbox movies.
  14. Getting the process started on our new kitchen floor.
  15. Naps.
  16. Friends who make you laugh until your stomach hurts.
  17. Aveda Shampure candles.
  18. A neighbor who calls just to tell you he saw lawn mowers on sale at Menards (since yours broke last year).
  19. Great customer service.
  20. Brunch with family and friends who feel like family.
  21. Sweet baby snuggles with my friend’s newborn.
  22. New recipes.
  23. Patience.
  24. An afternoon roaming the aisles of a quiet bookstore.
  25. Lazy Sundays.
  26. Will power when trying to give up sweets for Lent.
  27. Moroccan Oil frizz control spray. I’d use it even if I didn’t think it helped just because it smells so good.
  28. When Sean’s schedule aligns with mine and we actually have a weekend off together.   
  29. Humidifiers.
  30. A few (though more would have been nice) days that actually felt like spring.
  31. Making fun spring and summer plans with friends.

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  1. Awesome list! I love this idea for a month-wrap-up!