Thursday, March 19, 2015

Returning to the blog

I've been inexecusably absent for such a long time. I've been keeping up on others' blogs, and in doing so have realized how much I miss this place. I miss putting my thoughts down on paper (so to speak). I miss capturing the moments--both monumental and mundane--in our lives that I don't want to forget. And my goodness, there is quite a lot to remember from these last six months.

Let's start with the most obvious. Last time I posted, I was anxiously expecting a little one. And I really do mean anxiously. Pregnancy for me was both wonderful and terrifying. I'm a worry wart by nature, and after two ectopic miscarriages, my fears were amplified with my third pregnancy. Thankfully, everything went as smooth as possible. I tried so hard not to complain during my pregnancy because I was feeling so grateful for the opportunity I was never sure I would have. But let's face it, it does quite a number on your body. I had back/hip problems that made things quite a bit uncomfortable, but it's funny how quickly you forget all of that and think, "I could do that again!" (Someday. Someday.)

Anyway, all of that is to say after 38 weeks and 6 days of being pregnant, our little man made his grand entrance into our family. Jackson Steven was born Thursday, November 20 at 11:50 a.m. I have already written out his birth story so that I could remember it while it was still fresh, so I'll share that here soon.

It feels like a lifetime ago already. He's about to be 4 months old and just the very best thing to ever happen to us. There are certainly days of utter exhaustion and frustration, but all in all, I'm feeling so blessed to have the chance to be his mom.

I'll be back - there's lots to catch up on - Jackson's first 4 months, the loss of my beautiful grandma, maternity leave happenings, and all sorts of random things keeping us busy these days.


  1. He is so beautiful!! Congratulations and welcome back!!

  2. I'm obviously super behind, but congratulations! I love your maternity pictures, and he's just precious :)